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100th Day of School


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100th Day of School Theme Unit

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There are so many excellent activities relating to the 100th day of school that I decided to include lessons featuring 100 throughout the week.

One of our centers was stamping 100 stamps--ten stamps in each section of this paper.

On day 99 we played this math game. These three children are acting as our "Number Burglars". They are each "stealing" a number from our hundred chart.

This bendable wizard, purchased from Oriental Trading Company, was also in their goodie bags. He makes a good Zero the Hero.


A homework project could be to bring in a collection of 100 things, displaying each piece on a section of a 100 chart.


Write each child's name in a hundred grid over and over again. They chose what color to make each box. The different number of letters in each name made some interesting patterns.

When the children arrived on the 100th Day, they found a 100 headband, 100 glasses and a $100 bill waiting for them. All of these came from the company, Really Good Stuff.

They sell a pad of $100 bills. I cut out the picture of Ben Franklin, inserted each child's photo in its place and color copied them. I also made a few extra black and white copies on a regular copier for them to play with. This was their favorite keepsake!

Which is longer--10 cubes or 10 links?
Which is longer---100 cubes or 100 links?

Each of the children had a 1-100 number grid on their desk and they acted as "number detectives" to find the missing numbers by placing cubes over them.

Find a printable 100 grid here.





An alternative  project is having each child use 100 of one item to make a picture.


100 Hershey kisses with numbers on the bottom were hidden around the room. We had to find them and match them to the numbers on our hundred chart.


We walked 100 footsteps and taped this foot down to the floor.



Zero the Hero brings a special snack for the 100th day of school.


Find a hidden picture by coloring in boxes on a 100 grid as directed.


Ten fruit loops were sorted by color on to ten sections of a mat. (This mat was purchased from Really Good Stuff several years ago and is no longer available. But you could use something like the center mat pictured above or 10 cups of an egg carton for sorting.)

The fruit loops were strung on yarn to make a necklace. We counted them by tens to 100.



This is a 100 dot game played with a partner. There are 10 rows of 10 dots. Students take turns drawing a vertical or horizontal line to connect 2 dots. They keep doing that until a box is formed. The person who drew the last line to make the box puts their initial inside it. You can count who has the most boxes at the end, but my students just enjoyed the strategy of trying to see if they could draw that last line to form the box.


We estimated how many paper clips we could drop in a full glass of water before the water spilled over.


Can you believe the water didn't spill over, even after we put 100 clips in it?


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