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About Little Giraffes


Little Giraffes was founded in 2001 by kindergarten teacher Mrs. Flanagan.  She originally used the site to keep parents updated on all the fun classroom happenings, but teachers were inspired by her ideas and also started using the site as a resource for ideas.  Mrs. Flanagan continued to share her time and creativity until 2008, when she posted the following announcement:

I’m sorry to announce that my Little Giraffes website will be closing down on October 20th. My kindergarten position was eliminated due to low enrollment and now I’m excited to be teaching first grade. I plan to concentrate on my students and the first grade curriculum and will not have time to maintain the website. Thank you for your support during the past seven years!

There was an outpouring of support and sadness at the news. When Amanda Post, the owner of A to Z Teacher Stuff, heard the news, she contacted Mrs. Flanagan and arranged to acquire the site and continue the legacy for years to come.  Little Giraffes is now a part of A to Z’s family of sites. Amanda Post is a former kindergarten teacher and now homeschool mom of three.

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