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Pumpkins Activities, Lessons and Printables

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Little Giraffes has so many pumpkin teaching ideas, there are several pages of activities:

Bulletin Boards

Scary Faces 

This idea is from Linda Critchell’s site:

Take a photo of the children making “scary” faces. Mount them on a pumpkin (or other Halloween) cutout.

“A Perfect Patch”

Students can fingerpaint or sponge paint a pumpkin. When dry, add a paper stem and trace student handprints for leaves. Attach to a bulletin board and use twisted green crepe paper streamers to make vines that attach all the pumpkins together. Use the caption, “A Perfect Patch.”

Pumpkin Door

Cut orange paper (or sponge paint paper orange) and cut into a large pumpkin shape to fit around the outside of the classroom door and on to the door. Add a stem and leaves at the top.