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Presidents Activities, Lessons, and Teaching Ideas


This page features activities relating to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

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Lincoln’s Log Cabin

Use craft sticks to make Lincoln’s log cabin. Glue a penny in the window. Stamp the front and back of a penny coin in the lift-up roof.

Glue on pretzels to make a log cabin.

Abe Lincoln & George Washington Art

This is Abraham Lincoln, right? …  But flip it over and there is George Washington.

This project is from TLC Art's Winter Book (

This project is from TLC Art's Winter Book (

Abe Lincoln Hats & Beards

Make a cylinder by wrapping black paper around a coffee can. Fit this through and tape it to the large hat brim circle. The beard has string that is tied behind the head. (This project was more trouble than it was worth!)

This hat and beard were easier. The hat shape and the beard are stapled to a sentence strip crown.

Abraham Lincoln used to store important papers in his hat. We glued a business size envelope closed and cut off one end to make a pocket. The children chose one important paper to put inside of their hat.

Penny Investigation

Use a magnifying glass to look at a penny and find Lincoln sitting in his chair at the Lincoln Memorial.

Penny Math Activities

We tossed a die to see how many we could color on each turn at this center:

We worked on probability in math by tossing a penny six times to see which side turned up most–heads or tails?

Penny Science

We explored different ways to clean dirty pennies. I brought in flour, vinegar, salt, water and ketchup. One boy even thought of using a pencil eraser.

We found that dipping the penny in vinegar and rubbing salt on it for abrasion worked best. Ketchup also worked (and was more fun!)

We dropped one drop of water at a time on our pennies to see how many drops they would hold before the water overflows. Before we began, most students predicted 4 to 10 drops, but most of the pennies would hold about 25 drops of water before the water ran over on to the paper towel.

Sight Word Relays

The class was divided into 2 teams–the Lincoln team and the Washington team. If they could read a sight word, the could draw a line between the stars to try to complete their picture first.

George Washington 3-Corner Hats

She is cutting the “hair” for her Washington tri-corner hat seen below. We sang the song, “My Hat, It Has Three Corners” while wearing our hats.

My hat, it has three corners,
Three corners has my hat
And had it not three corners,
It would not be my hat.

The pattern for the hat pictured below isn’t available, but you might be able to try this Washington 3-Corner Hat Pattern.

This is our Washington Monument.

Related: National Symbols

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