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Family Teaching Theme Activities and Lesson Plan Ideas


Class Graphs

This is our class graph of how many people are in our families.
806placeinfamilygraph 816noinfamilygraph

This graph depicts each student’s “place” in their family–the oldest child, the middle child , the youngest child, or the only child.

Family Photos

These are the family pictures we brought to share.

Family Flags

We made “family flags” by dividing a triangle into 3 sections. The first section is fun, the second work and the third love. Children drew pictures illustrating what their family does for fun, what work they do together and how they show love. Then I jotted down a few words about each picture.

1519familyflags 1520familyflags

Gingerbread Family

The children dipped various size cookie cutters into paint to make their family members. When dry, they labeled them and wrote “I love my family” under the gingerbread family.


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