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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activities

Make a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom bottle.Put letter glitter and other confetti inside the bottle and fill with water. Put letter stickers on the outside of the bottle. Students get to pound the bottle during the Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom refrain while reading the story.
This is an alternative bottle. This one has a monkey and palm tree on a stick, foam letters and glitter inside the bottle, but no water is added to the bottle. The monkey and palm tree on the stick and the foam letters can be ordered from
For a Chicka snack, spread peanut butter on a celery stalk that still has some leaves. Push on some Alphabits cereal pieces and scatter other pieces around the plate.
Make a coconut tree by rounding the edges of 4 pieces of green construction paper, tearing the sides of a brown rectangle and writing X’s down the tree trunk. Give the children letter stickers or foam letters to attach to the tree and ground. This year I gave them the letters from their name to attach.
This bulletin board welcomed the children to school. The palm tree on the left was purchased at a party store. The one on the right is from the Carson Dellosa Company.
This tree was purchased from Lakeshore Learning to use for story retellings during center time. It can also be used for this Chicka Boom Letter Hunt created by Barb on Kindergarten chatboard. Thanks for the great idea!

These students are retelling the Chicka Boom story on this felt board. The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Story Patterns can be printed from the Kizclub website:   Color – BW

I printed mine by printing them on pellon. However, the color came out less vibrant than it would have been on cardstock.


Here’s a printable Chicka Chicka PDF book @Hubbard’s Cupboard

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Hunt

Hide the alphabet letters in sequence along the route you intend to follow. You could use magnetic letters, foam letters, Ellison letters, etc. The kids will collect them as you go…for example, hang up the a, b, and c somewhere between your room and the library, and as you walk along that route, have 3 students collect them as you pass. Hang the d, e, f, and g up along your route from the library to the PE area. Some kind of palm tree should be in your classroom to place the letters on when you get back. (You could use the tree above, a construction paper tree, or even one found in the Oriental Trading catalog. The last verse will lead us back to the classroom. By the time you get back to the room, you should have the whole alphabet. Some kids may have to hold more than one letter if you’re lucky enough to have a small class! Once you get them all back there, you can play a game with the letters or do some kind of activity with sequencing them. You should also have a surprise/treat of some kind waiting for them.

These are sample clues for the Chicka Hunt written by Barb that you can adapt for your own letter hunt.

A told B and B told C,
“I’ll meet you where we check out books for free.”

“Whee!” said D to E, F, G,
“I’ll beat you to the place where we have PE.”

Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, will there be enough room?
Here comes H up the coconut tree,
And I and J
And tag-along K
All on their way to the lunchroom cafe.

Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, will there be enough room?
Look who’s coming
And Q R S
And T U V
All in Ms. _____’s room to sing in harmony.

Still more–W
And X Y Z
The whole alphabet in the office–oh, no!
Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom!

Skit skat skoodle doot
Flip flop flee,
Everybody running back to the coconut tree.
Boys and girls
And teachers and friends
Will find a surprise
When the story ends!


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